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Review the Most Common Customer Concerns Below

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Our courteous Customer Service Reps are available to address any concern you might have regarding your furniture order. Our job is to ensure that you are a satisfied Belfort customer and that your furniture meets industry quality standards. Should you have a question about your furniture purchase, please contact us at the number above.

Furniture Protection Plan

Most of our manufacturers offer warranties on their products that range from one year and on. In addition, we offer a supplemental furniture protection plan that can be purchased before your furniture is delivered to your home. This extended warranty plan provides comprehensive coverage to protect your new furniture against everyday household accidents. We offer plans that cover wood furniture, upholstered fabric furniture, leather furniture, mattresses, and rugs. Our protection plan allows you to live with the furniture you love — without worry.

See our Guardsman Gold Furniture Protection Plan information here.

Most Common Customer Concerns


Pilling – Pills are created with loose fibers in fabric move to the surface and friction twists them together. This process is natural and occurs over time. It does not compromise the integrity or durability of the fabric and therefore is not considered a defect. This most often occurs with new fabrics and will dissipate over time. The recommended method to remove unwanted pills on your upholstery fabric is with a pill shaver.

Cleaning Codes – Cleaning codes are typically included on the law tag under one of the seat cushions and sometimes under the item. These are the recommended cleaning codes by the manufacturer and should be followed to ensure your manufacturer warranty stays intact. Prior to spot cleaning, always pretest your cleaning agent on a hidden spot of your furniture. Always use a clean, white cloth.

Dye Lot Variance – Due to the manufacturing and dye process of fabrics where large bolts are created at different times, small variances can occur in the color. Other factors that can contribute to fading of fabrics include sunlight, time, and use. Variances can occur in pieces of furniture purchased in the same fabric at different times, so we always recommend to purchase matching loveseats or other accompanying upholstery furniture at the same time. Also, these dye lot variances can occur between the fabric swatch you view in our showroom and the fabric on your new product. This is not considered a defect and we find that with time your fabrics will match more closely.


The Look of my Cushions – To restore the original appearance and keep your upholstery in top shape, periodic maintenance is required. This is especially important for seat and back cushions. We recommend to rotate cushions and pillows when possible to distribute fabric wear evenly. Upholstery should be vacuumed on a weekly basis to avoid damage to fabrics from dust and environment. The brush attachment on your vacuum is recommended to avoid damage to fabrics. Do not vacuum down-blend cushions – instead, these cushions should be brushed with a whisk broom or soft brush to clean the fabric and regular fluffing and flipping of the cushions are required.

The Comfort of my Cushions – Please take into consideration that floor samples are a good representation of how your furniture will feel once it has a chance to ‘breath’, ‘live’, and ‘break-in’ in your home. Time and room temperature can also affect the comfort of your cushions. Please allow at least 30 days for your new upholstery to adjust to its new environment.

Characteristics of Down Cushions – While down and down blend cushions offer a softer feel, they require a bit more maintenance than standard foam cushions. Do not vacuum down-blend cushions – instead, these cushions should be brushed with a whisk broom or soft brush to clean the fabric and regular fluffing and flipping of the cushions are required.


Visible Hide Marks and Scars – Natural leathers include defining characteristics such as scars, bug bites, stretch marks, and veins. These are all common and enhance the beauty of the natural leather.

Wrinkles and Indentations – Furniture with fiber filling or down padding will require some delicate modeling to ensure they return to their initial appearance if wrinkles or indentations have occurred. These wrinkles and indentations are often from the long journey of transportation your new furniture has taken before reaching your home and are considered normal as they should only temporarily affect the aesthetic quality for your furniture. Please allow some time for the natural settling of the padding to release light crease, wrinkles, or indentations. They are considered absolutely normal and can dissipate within the initial 3 months of use.

Color Variances – Each leather hide is unique and will include unique characteristics including variations in color, texture, and the feel of the leather. These are due to different growing conditions each hide experienced and adds to the beauty of the piece.

Discoloration – Discoloration in leather can occur from a number of circumstances including UV light, hair & body oils, and dye transfer from clothing. Please be sure not to use non-leather cleaning products on your leather furniture as it can cause discoloration. Leather-specific products require maintenance to clean and condition the covering. These types of discoloration are preventable and therefore are not considered a defect so they will not be covered under manufacturers’ warranties.


The Comfort of my Mattress – Please keep in mind that adjusting to your new mattress may take up to 90 days. This can depend upon each individual’s health and lifestyle. Please take into consideration that floor samples of our mattresses are a good representation of how your mattress will feel once it has a change to ‘break-in’. Room temperatures also play a vital role in the comfort of your mattress.

Indentations – Due to the improvements in comfort and technology, now mattresses often include multiple layers of different foams and other materials. Body impressions may form in your mattress over time, especially if you sleep in the same spot and position each night. This process is normal and any impression (unless it is over two-inches deep) is not considered a flaw or defect. Therefore, it is not covered under manufacturer warranty. To help evenly distribute your wear of your mattress rotate the mattress end-to-end once a month for the first year and then quarterly. Follow any manufacturer’s warranty information to flip mattresses that are two-sided to minimize body impressions.

My Mattress has an Odor – Due to the manufacturing process, many new mattress sets may have a residual odor. Rest assured, these odors are not harmful and will dissipate over time. To allow the odor to dissipate, remove any bedding weekly and let the mattress ‘air-out’.


Distressing – Distressing refers to any techniques used to create detail and dimension to your wood furniture. There are a variety of distressing techniques used throughout collections and finishes. With distressing techniques, each piece of wood is unique. Therefore, variations in grain appearance and stain coloration will occur. Random distressing is an intricate process that creates unique pieces so that no two are alike. Please keep in mind that this means your piece of furniture may not match that which was shown as a sample in our showroom. Distressing adds character to each piece and is not considered a defect.

Natural Graining – Please keep in mind that attributes of different wood species vary with densities, colors, and grain patterns. Two pieces of wood, even if of the same species, are never going to be the same. Due to these variations, we are unable to guarantee there will be an exact match of related pieces.

Finish Color Variances – The inherent characteristics of find wood used in furniture manufacturing can affect how a stain is absorbed. For this reason, color variations are considered normal from one piece to another. Other factors which can contribute to finish color variations include how the furniture is exposed to light and the aging process of natural wood. These variations are not considered flaws and we are unable to guarantee an exact match of related pieces.

Opening and Closing of Drawers and Tables – Please keep in mind that wood is a natural material that is susceptible to climate changes such as changes in temperature and humidity levels. The natural wood used in your furniture will breath, causing expansion and contraction of the joints and seams. To help maintain your wood furniture we recommend to utilize air conditioning in the warm months and humidifiers in the cold months.


My Rug is Shedding – Please keep in mind that all wool rugs will shed! Rest assured, shedding will subside over time. Factors such as traffic and wear can affect how long your rug will shed for. It typically takes 20-25 vacuuming’s to begin to curtail shedding – this is just a minimum. Some rugs will shed for the lifetime of the rug. If shedding will be an issue for your home, please keep this in mind while shopping for your rug and select a rug made of a material other than wool.

Vacuuming Your Rug – Canister vacuums without beater bars are always the recommended type of vacuum for your rugs. Brooms and manual sweepers are also a gentle and effective method to clean your rug. With the improved technology used in many of today’s vacuums, there is super strength in the suction of the vacuums which is not recommended for your rugs as it can cause pulling of threads. Whenever possible, utilize the handheld attachment of your vacuum. As a second option, please turn off your beater bar or set it to the highest position.

Color Variations in Rugs – Please keep in mind that no two rugs are the same. Due to their manufacturing process, there will always be slight variations. This can also be due to dye lot changes over a period of time.

My Rug has Creases – For shipping and transporting purposes, rugs are often rolled or folded. This can cause creases to form. These should disappear within a week or two when the rug is laid out flat. Another option is to reverse roll the rug overnight.

Custom Table Pads

The best way to protect your dining table is with a table pad. Our protective table pads protect your table against heat, spills, and scratches. Our pads are custom-made to fit your table. Please see a salesperson about ordering your custom table pads or email us.

Please note the following:

Pricing on the Internet: Most of our manufacturers don't allow pricing on the Internet. We have placed prices where allowed. Our prices and descriptions are updated daily, however, if Internet prices and/or descriptions are different from store prices/descriptions, the store price/description will prevail. Please call 703-406-7600 or email us with your questions.