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American Spirit: Always in style

American Spirit

Putting People Ahead of Profits

Vaughan-Bassett Furniture is a specialist in affordable, well-crafted furniture for the bedroom, and the largest producer of wood bedroom furniture in the U.S. While furniture plants across the country have permanently shuttered their doors due to overseas competition in recent years, Vaughan-Bassett chose to ensure that, at nearly 100 years old, the company would remain the largest employer in its hometown of Galax, Virginia by outfitting its plants with state-of-the-art equipment and updating all of its procedures.

Nearly 700 talented and hard-working craftspeople head to work at Vaughan-Bassett each day, proud in the knowledge that they are creating quality furnishings their fellow consumers can trust to live and sleep with every day. Thanks to the growing number of people who recognize how important domestic manufacturing is to the health of America’s economy and insist on buying American-made goods, the company has recently opened a second plant to satisfy the increased demand for its products. Vaughan-Bassett expects to create another 115 jobs over the next three years.

Replacing Every Tree

American Spirit

As a founding member of the Sustainable Furniture Council, Vaughan-Bassett is committed to manufacturing furniture in a responsible and environmentally friendly manner. All lumber is harvested within a day’s drive of its factories in Virginia—reducing the carbon footprint associated with the transport of raw materials.

Through its “One for One” program, Vaughan-Bassett has contributed hundreds of thousands of tree seedlings to the Virginia Department of Forestry. The planting of these maple, oaks, ash, pine, poplar and applewood trees allow the replacement of every tree used in the production of its bedroom suites. Carl E. Garrison III, a Virginia state forester, calls “planting one new tree in Virginia for every tree you harvest each year, sustainability at its best.”

A Smart Choice

American Spirit
Different Finishes Available

Domestic production translates to fast delivery to the retailers who feature Vaughan-Bassett’s products online and on their floors, and subsequently, to your home. Even on special orders. That’s especially important, because every piece of furniture Vaughan-Bassett makes is available in multiple finishes—affording you the ultimate freedom of choice in design and color when furnishing your home.

Small Bedroom, Big Style

American Spirit
Bed Storage

Small bedrooms are common in both older homes and city apartments, but no matter how large your current sleeping area is, just about everyone would benefit from a little extra storage space in their bedroom. Let’s face it: We’re all consumers and we tend to accumulate. A lot!

When closets and dressers are nearing capacity, a bed with built-in drawers underneath can be a simple, space-saving solution. Whether it’s extra linens and blankets, bulky sweaters or that handbag collection you just can’t part with, Vaughan-Bassett storage beds can help corral clutter, while keeping the items you need close at hand, and out of sight.

Vaughan-Bassett produces affordable storage beds in a variety of styles, so there’s one to suit every taste. These designs typically feature two spacious drawers tucked into the footboard at the end of the beds, offering easy access to whatever is stored inside.

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American Spirit

At Vaughan-Bassett, we specialize in quality bedrooms in multiple styles and finishes for youth, as well as adults. Your child’s many interests may change as they grow, but the need for a safe, comfortable space packed with plenty of function and storage options will remain constant as the years pass.

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Youth Bonanza Collection

Bonanza Collection

The Bonanza collection is a smart choice for youth bedroom furniture now and as the years go by. Updated color options and attention-to-detail showcase its elegant yet livable style that will work well in a casual bedroom just as well as more contemporary or transitional setting.

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Youth Cottage Collection

Cottage Collection

One of our best-sellers, the classic, clean lines of this bedroom collection give it a timeless versatility. Evoking the feel of heartland America with its solid craftsmanship, sturdy construction and attention to detail, it is easy to see why this is a Vaughan-Bassett favorite.

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Youth Hamilton/Franklin Collection

Hamilton/Franklin Collection

Shaker inspired with a slight contemporary vibe. Update your youth bedroom with this simple and elegant style of the Hamilton/Franklin Collection. Its timeless style is perfect at any age. Arched details and raised panels seen throughout add visual interest to bring the furniture to life.

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