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Customer Reviews for Belfort Furniture

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Google Review | June 3, 2019

By Kellen Leister

My wife and I recently worked with Toni Salazar to decorate the entire first floor of our new house. Toni did a tremendous job for us. She is extremely personable and pleasant to work with, and she has a true talent for selecting furniture and fabrics that coordinate extremely well and create a very classy appearance. She knows the Belfort product lines very well, so we were able to make a large number of selections in a very short period of time. The furniture has now been delivered and we are very happy with the end result. We highly recommend Toni for any interior decoration project.

Google Review | May 29, 2019

By Joise Ewool

Google Review | May 27, 2019

By Mukul Kishore

Very comfortable buying experience especially for families with kids. Complimentary food wine water coloring bouncy toys during Memorial Day weekend

Google Review | May 27, 2019

By Tessa Negri

Google Review | May 25, 2019

By Taylor White

Google Review | May 19, 2019

By Ed Alexander

Lots of furniture. Good deals can be had if you search for it.

Google Review | May 19, 2019

By Lisa Peters

Great furniture

Google Review | May 19, 2019

By Abhilash Bandi

We had a most informative and helpful salesperson who listened carefully and spent a lot of time with us! She also was most helpful in the delivery process. This has been an excellent experience and we look forward to many years enjoying our new sofa!

Google Review | May 16, 2019

By Sally Middlebrooks

We had a most informative and helpful salesperson who listened carefully and spent a lot of time with us! She also was most helpful in the delivery process. This has been an excellent experience and we look forward to many years enjoying our new sofa!

Google Review | May 13, 2019

By Raine Berk

Huge selection. Great customer service from both floor and delivery staff.

Google Review | May 11, 2019

By Michael Collins

We deal with Roc for all our furniture needs. He is wonderful.

Google Review | May 5, 2019

By Mary Ann Riddle

Great Experience with Andy

Google Review | May 3, 2019

By Leslie Sims

I'm writing a review for Toni Salazar and Alissa. I picked Toni to design 3 rooms for me after looking at her profile online. What I really liked was her responsiveness and friendliness and attention to detail. She took the time to learn my style and after coming to my house, designed and installed 3 rooms for me. It looks like a model home. I feel like a Christmas and my birthday all in one. Toni worked with some of my existing items as well. I must also compliment the delivery team for being on time and very professional. Alissa picked and arranged accessories beautifully. I will recommend Toni and the Belfort team to my friends.

Google Review | April 30, 2019

By Laura Evans

Friends at work suggested Belfort Furniture when I mentioned that I needed a new sofa. I couldn’t be more satisfied with my experience there.

Marc Rosenthal is very knowledgeable about the merchandise, what options are available, what modifications can be made, etc. He was able to show me several items that I might be interested in. It didn’t take long for me to make a selection. I really appreciated his knowledge and experience.

Google Review | April 30, 2019

By Mirlin Toomer

Google Review | April 28, 2019

By Matthew North

Google Review | April 23, 2019

By Rita Yunes

Love the furniture I purchased. Very good quality.

Google Review | April 20, 2019

By Frank Crivellaro Jr.

Google Review | April 13, 2019

By Eric F

Google Review | April 12, 2019

By Souji Sowjanya

We had such a pleasant experience at Belfort's showroom in Sterling!!! Khadija was our sales rep and she did an incredible job helping us to find the right selection for our home.We felt neither pressured nor ignored. A true professional. I highly recommend buying from Belfort and specifically, from khadija.

Google Review | April 10, 2019

By Richard Broskey II

Best selection

Google Review | April 9, 2019

By Vincent Gallman

The most wonderful shopping experience ever! My sales representative, Khadija, was very professional and knowledgeable and showed me bedroom sets that was my style. She always followed up with me about my order and made sure delivery went smooth. I’m very satisfied with my experience at Belfort and highly recommend this store.

Google Review | April 6, 2019

By Kelley Bell

Great experience picking out our new table. Our salesperson, Marc Rosenthal, explained all our options helping us pick out exactly what we wanted. We are looking to buy a new couch in the near future and will definitely be back. Thanks!

Google Review | April 3, 2019

By Michele Holt

We were looking for a mattress and Belfort had a huge inventory to try out. Andy helped us through the whole process, kept us up to date on the delivery and followed up to see how the experience was. It was very easy and straight forward.

Google Review | March 30, 2019

By Erik Rolf

Belfort Design Team is awesome, especially Dina Firman. Truly professional!

Google Review | March 29, 2019

By Mahmoud Rankoussi

Good price furniture.

Google Review | March 23, 2019

By Phillip Laclede

Google Review | March 22, 2019

By Lynn Fogarty

Google Review | March 22, 2019

By Dar Davis

Worked with Renee Ferrari to select a sofa and love seat. She was very professional and helped me choose what was right for me. No hard sell. I'll be back to Belfort for my next purchase of furniture.

Google Review | March 20, 2019

By Meg Lee

Google Review | March 20, 2019

By Joy Hayden

Great selection, great prices, great quality, great customer service. Robert Saunders bent over backwards to accommodate a last minute change to our order. And, although the ottoman happened to arrive in the wrong fabric, they made the correction hassle free and let us keep it as a loaner until the right one was delivered. They were very accommodating and professional. The sofa looks great and I know we will enjoy it for many years.

Google Review | March 20, 2019

By Maria Infanger

I want to provide an excellent rating for the Belfort designer Toni Salazar. She came out and measured and looked at the 2 rooms we wanted to get new furniture for which were the family room and kitchen and came up with such a great design. When we got the furniture she selected it looked amazing. Transformed both rooms into model like looks. Not only does it look great but the recliners she included in our family room are so so comfortable. Besides her great eye in designing Toni was highly accommodating and always very responsive. We would highly recommend Toni and Belfort.

Google Review | March 19, 2019

By Joshua Hudson

Wow! You have go to check this place out for the best sale and prices in furniture!

Google Review | March 19, 2019

By Paul Kroog

This place just keeps growing. Good selection of furniture. Two discount showrooms

Google Review | March 13, 2019

By Brian Delhagen

Just got a new chaise couch and the sevice from sales to delivery was 5 star.

Google Review | March 12, 2019

By Heather Graving

Marc Rosenthal at Belfort was the best! We were totally overwhelmed by the options and he helped us figure out what would work best for our needs and and kept tabs on the order through the delivery day. Would recommend him to everyone!

Google Review | March 6, 2019

By Desiree Allen

Great service

Google Review | March 4, 2019

By Matt Longacre

Enormous store, but the people who work there will most definitely not leave you alone. You can tell they work on individual commission, too, because if you're caught alone they don't respect the other salesperson's space and try to wrap you in. I got a few business cards over the course of a short visit.

If you're going to have someone walk you around the store, maybe a traige or intake system would be better. I'd rather have someone leave me alone until I want them or stick with me entirely.

Google Review | February 28, 2019

By Gail Smith-Nyachowe

Google Review | February 22, 2019

By David Lawrence

Outstanding customer service!

Over the years, we've purchased several items from Belfort Furniture and have been very happy with everything we've purchased with never a problem, so naturally when we were in the market for a new oversized chair and ottoman, Belfort was the first place we looked. We found exactly what we were looking for at a great price, and we were happy to learn that the chair was available in the warehouse for delivery the same week. The chair was delivered at the very beginning of the delivery window, just as promised.

The matching ottoman needed to be ordered (deliver in 6-8 weeks), but that was fine with us. Six weeks later the ottoman was promptly delivered, once again at the beginning of the three hour delivery window by Belfort's extremely courteous and competent delivery workers. Shortly after that delivery, however, as I looked more closely at the ottoman, I realized that the fabric did not match the chair. They were the same texture, and close in color, but clearly not the same.

As a result, I called Belfort Customer Care and reached Andi. He researched the issue and quickly discovered that there were two shades of that fabric available, and the ottoman had the wrong shade by mistake. He immediately promised to re-order the ottoman in the correct shade, though of course it would take another 6-8 weeks to receive it - which is completely understandable. As it turned out, however, my wife and I actually liked the "wrong" shade of fabric even better than the original we had received with the chair, so I offered to Andi that if it was easier for Belfort, we would be happy to keep the ottoman and take a new chair in the "wrong" fabric. Andi checked and unfortunately there were no chairs of our model in that fabric in stock - but here's where Andi and Belfort excelled in their customer service: Andi gave us the choice of what we wanted - a new chair to match the ottoman, or a new ottoman to match the chair. We chose the new chair, and in yet another example of outstanding service Andi assured me that we could keep the original chair for the 6-8 weeks until the new one is delivered.

I was about to finish this review on that note when Andi called back. He had noticed that the chair had come with two matching accent pillows, and he wanted to give us the opportunity to order new pillows in a different fabric if needed to match the different color chair and ottoman!

Bottom line, this was exactly the level of customer service I had hoped for. I can't think of a more perfect way to handle the situation. Count us as (still!) completely satisfied Belfort customers.

Google Review | February 18, 2019

By Philip Terbush

Google Review | February 18, 2019

By Linda Patierno

Our salesperson, Andy Dunn, couldn't have been more knowledgeable and accommodating. We bought a huge amount of furniture and had numerous problems along the way but Mr. Dunn stepped up and made sure that everything was handled.

Google Review | February 17, 2019

By Nouman Farooqui

Lots of quality pieces. Good customer service

Google Review | February 14, 2019

By Dominique Stuart

Buying our new bed from Belfort was an enjoyable experience. Marc Rosenthal was very patient and helpful matching our new headboard to existing bedroom furniture and choosing a mattress to meet our two very different needs. The delivery men (Bob the Builders according to our young daughters) were terrific too. They came on time, were efficient, and careful. I would highly recommend Marc and the Belfort team for any furniture buying needs,

Google Review | February 13, 2019

By Lafeyel Marshall


Google Review | February 10, 2019

By Misha Ptak

Working with Belfort staff in general, and the saleman (Andy) in particular, has been a pleasure [mostly]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]. Andy and other sales staff exhibited a high level of knowledge and professionalism, and were available whenever we had questions, but didn't lurk annoyingly the rest of the time (like some car sales people do). The delivery service was first rate - their communications (telehone, email, and text) letting us know exactly when the delivery team would arrive was first class. I would have given Belfort a 5 star rating overall, except one of the pieces of furniture that was delivered was not the color which we ordered. The correct color has been located and is scheduled to be delivered in about a week. I do not know if Belfort intends to offer anything to offset the inconvenience. We would highly recommend both Andy and Belfort. One comment about the survey itself - it only allows for people to use either their Gmail or Facebook accounts, which is very annoying to those of us who don't use Facebook at all, and who use Gmail as a secondary email address. You might want to mention that to whomever so that people could respond to the surveys in other ways - I'll bet that a lot of surveys don't get completed or returned because people don't use Gmail or Facebook.

Google Review | February 9, 2019

By Shannon Pettit

Had a great experience with our recent furniture purchase. I highly recommend Marc Rosenthal as he helped us find what we were looking for in our furniture. His knowledge of the many options was really impressive. Very friendly and made the process a positive experience.

Google Review | February 9, 2019

By Bill

We highly recommend Marc Rosenthal, Product Specialist & Design Consultant at Belfort, Dulles Va. Mark took significant time in the showroom to provide all available options as we were looking to purchase a custom sectional sofa. He communicated often on the timing of when we would receive delivery. The experience was positive throughout and it was obvious Marc has a passion for outstanding customer service!

Google Review | February 7, 2019

By Jennifer Hoskins-REALTOR

With their new showroom complete, I was impressed. Bright open and a lot of furniture options and displays. Great sales staff (Eric!) and patient while I ran around finding the just-right entertainment cabinet/bookshelves for my home office. Delivery team was by far the best I've seen. Polite, respectful and ZERO damage when installing. I can't say that about other higher end furniture stores in the area.

Google Review | February 2, 2019

By Jason Devers

Great selection and reasonable prices. We were expecting the prices to be higher and we're presently surprised. The sales team wasn't pushy, but we're willing to answer questions when we had them. Will probably return to make a purchase once we shop around a bit more trying to find the perfect heirloom quality master bedroom furniture

Google Review | January 31, 2019

By Michael L

A massive showroom, excellent selection, and friendly staff (ask for Pam). Also, the delivery personnel were true professionals. I had a pleasant experience with a second floor delivery of a couch with chaise.

Google Review | January 31, 2019

By Taylor Nick

Great experience with Marc Rosenthal! I love my new furniture & the customer service was wonderful.

Google Review | January 29, 2019

By Clinton Madu

Google Review | January 28, 2019

By Steve Ogbodo

Google Review | January 28, 2019

By mrodzl

I am very happy with my whole experience at Belfort Furniture. They have a great selection of furniture at affordable prices. Dave Webster was excellent. I wish all places we buy from would have a Dave, he was very patient, knowledgeable and honest. The delivery experience was great too, would not change a thing. Thank you very much!

Google Review | January 26, 2019

By Lisa Diernisse

Delivery services are always outstanding. Rafael and Armando did a great job. I have bought furniture from Belfort on three - four occasions and delivery was always very smooth. Scheduling, getting an accurate delivery date/window, tracking of the delivery, arrival of the delivery men on time, and their communication and professionalism is always fantastic and far superior to other furniture stores in my experience. The quality of the Belfort delivery teams is a major reason why I keep shopping at Belfort.

Google Review | January 17, 2019

By Shaji Daniel

Good Collection and good price

Google Review | January 17, 2019

By Clyde Coble

My wife & I have shopped at many furniture stores. We came to Belfort Furniture, met Ginger Zimmerman, and had a wonderful experience. She helped us furnish our new home by assisting us with design & color choices. We were so pleased with her services that we returned to make additional purchases for ourselves & also with our daughter to help her furnish her new home. Lots of other stores have forgotten about customer service. We will continue to shop at Belfort Furniture & refer our friends to you! Thank you!

Google Review | January 12, 2019

By Jesse Sutherland

Google Review | January 11, 2019


I’ve shopped at Belfort many of times. They always have great service and representatives that are willing to help; they’re commission based so they all seem to jump at you as soon as you walk through the door but nonetheless they’re helpful.

Belfort has a great variety of pieces to choose from. It’s actually a bit overwhelming at the start but you soon realize that it’s better to have options than to see the same pieces over and over. You won’t be dissappointed.

I want to focus this review on my recent experience with the free Belfort design studio consultations offered. I reached out to Belfort in search for a rep who could help organize my thoughts on a new interior design for my new home; I was given Eden. Eden is a lifesaver in many ways. She’s patient; loves designing; full of ideas; took her whole day during our visit and remained in touch thoroughly following our visits to make sure we were ok with what we picked; focused on what we needed and didn’t persuade us to do anything we didn’t want to do; took the time to understand the spacing and detail of our home in order to show us certain pieces that would work well with the paint and flooring in our house. I could go on-and-on about how amazing she was. But overall she’s just a great person who made this furniture buying experience so easy.

So, yes shop at Belfort, but also shop with Eden if you get the chance; she’s worth the wait if not available at the time.

Google Review | January 10, 2019

By Tran Nguyen

Positive experience. Highly recommended Belfort furniture.

Google Review | January 10, 2019

By Marina Khoury

A wonderful, no sale pressure experience! Just helpful people to make it easy and fast

Google Review | January 9, 2019

By Jonathan Gibbons

Google Review | January 6, 2019

By Fritz Schulz

Google Review | January 6, 2019

By Abhilash Reddy

Google Review | January 5, 2019

By Sniper Husky

Google Review | January 4, 2019

By Heather Hanks

I've been a customer of Belfort for several years and am always happy with the quality and variety of their products. They offer a wide variety of furniture at price points for different budgets. I find their staff very helpful and delivery excellent. My most recent purchase was a mattress and the employee Andy was very helpful in assisting me in making a decision. He also made sure to follow up after my purchase to see how I liked my purchase. The communication from the store on when my delivery would be arriving was great too. Their showroom is beautiful too and staff is helpful without being annoying. At their new showroom you can even get a complimentary glass of wine as you shop! I would recommend Belfort to anyone in the market to purchase furniture. It's great to be able to support a local company too.

Google Review | December 30, 2018

By Massoud M

I attended for grand opening tge place is huge and there is of course alot of furniture there. The price is very reasonable for what you get to dit well in your home. It give good quality and named branded fabrics to choose from .

Google Review | December 29, 2018

By Howard Mahony

Eric the sales person was very helpful and we made purchase because of his help..

Google Review | December 29, 2018

By Rokhi Movaghari

Our Sales Representative/Marc Rosenthal was absolutely wonderful in helping us pick the right sectional. He showed us many options but narrowed it down per our requirements. He was also extremely helpful in getting our furniture to us before the holidays. There is no doubt we will shop at Belfort again!! Great staff and very professional!! We loved the show room!

Google Review | December 26, 2018

By Josh Williams

Google Review | December 24, 2018

By Carole Bleyle

Working with Adam was terrific. He answered all our questions, helped us decide on the final details and made everything easy. The furniture is gorgeous and was delivered in time for holiday guests.

Google Review | December 23, 2018

By The Gaming Tm

Furniture stores provide everyday essentials and luxe designer items. From brick-and-mortar stores to online-only outlets and everything in between, today's popular furniture stores have a completely different feel from the mom-and-pop specials of years past. The sheer amount of vendor options is almost as important as deciding between oak and walnut. Taking the time to research furniture stores before you buy can help you protect your investment and ensure you're satisfied with your purchase.

Yelp | August 1, 2015

By Donna F.

Sterling, VA

We lived in Northern Virginia for 36 years and bought many rooms of furniture from Belfort. We watched it grow from a warehouse to a furniture shopping "destination." In our opinion, it is one of the best furniture stores anywhere, far surpassing most of the chains in quality of product, variety of choices and knowledgeable salespeople. We have tended to stick with the main Galleries building, as we like the huge selection and quality, the displays, and the way the furniture can be customized. We have purchased 4 bedroom suites for ourselves and our three children, as well as a Hooker office unit and a Hooker entertainment center.

But our last experience with Belfort was truly the best. We knew we were moving several states away to a new home, and wanted to purchase new great room furnishings beforehand. We were originally thinking Ethan Allen, because they had stores in both areas, so we planned to purchase furniture in Virginia and have it delivered out of state. It was a great idea, except we couldn't find comfortable chairs we liked. So, I wandered into Belfort to look at chairs and to inquire if they could deliver them out of state. Over walked Betts Brown, a great saleswoman with a super helpful, but never pushy, attitude. She helped me realize that since Belfort's furniture was equal in quality to EA, its lesser price would allow me to afford "white glove delivery" to my new out-of-state home. And I couldn't be happier that I made the choice to do so!

We bought a beautiful Huntington House sofa with chaise. We customized it with the type of arm, foot, back, and cushion material we desired, in the fabric of our choice, with pillows in contrasting fabric with decorative silk cord edging. We paired the sofa with two reclining Sam Moore chairs in an absolutely gorgeous fabric, ordered extra Huntington House accent pillows for the chairs, and all three pieces are oh so comfortable! Next we chose a gold and glass cocktail table by Bernhardt. (We've seen the same table at two different stores since. Belfort's price was better than both by far.) Our final selections were two coordinating Stanley end tables that we special ordered from a catalog after seeing a different piece on the floor. Betts worked with us every step of the way, helping us coordinate colors and fabrics with a hand woven rug which was already in our new home 3 states away.

But that isn't the end of the story. The pieces arrived in the promised time frame, but the unexpected happened and our move was delayed by 12 months. Betts was able to arrange for Belfort to store the furniture for that time at a very reasonable rate. When it came time to coordinate delivery out of state, it did prove trickier than we anticipated. We wanted the furniture delivered during one of our short 3 day trips to our new home. The delivery company needed a larger delivery window. So once again, Betts stepped in and arranged for the furniture to be delivered to our northern Virginia home two days before our moving company was set to pick up our entire household. The delivery men were on time and careful. The furniture was in perfect, new condition. The only problem, we discovered that Huntington House had made a mistake with the fabric of our two extra custom pillows. Once again, Betts came to our rescue. She assured us that even though the order was in their warehouse for a year, Huntington House would correct their mistake and send us the right pillows. And they did!

So, we now have an incredibly beautifully furnished great room that people tell us looks like a designer did it. Yet, we had the fun of making the selections, with the guidance of a wonderful, experienced, helpful salesperson, Betts Brown, and Belfort Furniture!! We would recommend her highly!! Her advice was invaluable and she helped us work through several unusual circumstances. I know she will help you with your needs. She responded to email extremely quickly, too, even when I forgot and emailed her on her day off. For our future furniture needs, if we can't meet them locally, I know I'll be calling on Betts!

Yelp | July 15, 2015

By Brandi Z

Gainesville, VA

We had a wonderful experience at Belfort Furniture. We recently purchased a new bed and Marc Rosenthal was our deign consultant. He was very knowledgeable and helpful. We had all of our children with us while shopping and making the purchase and he worked very patiently with us.

Our purchase was delivered yesterday and the delivery men did a great job! They were very efficient and professional. We had a 5 star experience at Belfort, will recommend the store to friends, and shop there again!

Google | July 13, 2015

By Diane B.

Vienna, VA

We have made several purchases from Belfort over the past 10 years and the service, selection, and pricing have always been excellent. Ludmilla is a wonderful sales representative - never pushy, extremely knowledgeable, and very good about providing updates and keeping in touch throughout the ordering and delivery process. She really makes furnishing your house a breeze.For this last purchase for our living and dining rooms we utilized Belfort's design service. We were matched with Toni Salazar and she was amazing! Very friendly and open to our ideas in terms of use, color scheme and style. She was also very mindful of our budget and worked with us to select alternate pieces in order stay within that budget. We were initially a little nervous about some of her fabric selections but when the pieces arrived we were floored by how great everything looked together. So now we know - trust Toni! This woman knows what she is doing!We will definitely go back to Belfort for future furniture purchases and highly recommend Toni and Ludmilla - they are top notch.

Yelp | July 8, 2015

By Tim W.

Silver Spring, MD

I bought an expensive leather office chair about a dozen years ago from a dealer who went out of business. Unfortunately the base recently broke off. I called Belfort Furniture and got Mindy Noll. She took care of everything, including delivery.. Never bought furniture from them but next time I will.

Yelp | July 6, 2015

By Cathy H.

Vienna, VA

I have worked with Cris Palomo for several years furnishing our home. Cris has come out to the house twice to help me with the right layout to fit some more challenging areas. He is always quick to get back to me if I call and honest about the quality and wearability of each piece of furniture. Cris is always very professional and easy to talk to and has great ideas for any room or style I am looking for. We have bought bedroom furniture and mattresses, couches and end tables, a leather recliner and ottoman, a dining table and chairs as well as rugs and accent pieces. You can always find the exact piece or accent you need.

I have had two things that needed to be exchanged and Belfort stood by the product warranty and handled it in a timely manner and made sure we were completely satisfied.

I love going to Belfort because they have whatever you are looking for in style and price. And it seems every time we have ordered something it has come in on time or even a bit early! The delivery men are always careful and quick at assembling as needed and setting the furniture exactly where you want it. They also deliver the furniture within a few days of it's arrival.

Belfort is my go to furniture store and Cris is great asset to their business!

Yelp | July 6, 2015

By Phil C.

Ashburn, VA

The sales people are helpful and they have a good selection. Delivery takes 4-8 weeks for almost everything. We also had issues with one of the items ordered wrong so we had to wait an additional 2 weeks. Furniture is good quality.

Yelp | July 4, 2015


Silver Spring, MD

I initially visited Belfort in 2013 at the recommendation of friends. I could not quite figure out how best to configure my new home; therefore, I chose to enlist the services of the Design Studio. Toni Salazar visited my home, took pictures, and talked to me about my style. The end result was beyond my expectations and within my budget! I received many compliments on my kitchen, family room, and guest room. I was so pleased with Toni's services that I again enlisted Toni two years later (March 2015) to help me with the master bedroom, living room, and recreation room. Again, the end result exceeded my expectations. Toni listens, respects budgetary guidelines, has an eye for design, and has a great personality. I highly recommend the Design Studio and Toni Salazar! I also had a great experience with the delivery team in both 2013 and 2015.

Yelp | July 4, 2015

By Lisa F.

Rockville, MD

We had an excellent experience with Belfort furniture. I was looking at a particular bedroom set online and contacted Belfort. We were connected to Marc Rosenthal who has been an extremely reliable and helpful salesman. He kept us up to date on any specials/offers for our bedroom set. He has consistently contacted us, but without pressure. He was the perfect balance of knowledge without any high pressure. We received our bedroom furniture in the time estimated and the delivery men could not have been nicer or neater. Marc has consistently responded to my emails very promptly. I would definitely purchase with him again.

Yelp | July 5, 2015

By Abby B.

Rockville, MD

There are several showrooms and each one is beautiful and has tons of choices with good quality furniture and decor. All of the employees are really nice and really helpful. P.S. The spilled drinks are fake.

Yelp | July 2, 2015

By Alice R.

Dumfries, VA

Belfort has an extensive selection of furniture, a broad range of style choices and helpful sales people. We worked with Nanci Celetano who was very knowledgeable about the store products. We were looking at dining tables but did not like the chairs that accompanied the set. Nanci went out of her way to locate then transport several chair examples to facilitate our decision making process. Without the side by side comparison. Nanci's effort were appreciated.

We have made two purchases at this store. We picked the first purchase up at the warehouse. The warehouse staff was friendly and opened the box in order for us review our purchase for any damages. After our inspection, the staff repackaged and loaded the boxes into our vehicle. Our second purchase was delivered and assembled. We were notified of delivery the day before with a 3 hour arrival window. We were again notified 30 minutes prior to arrival. The delivery staff was on time, very professional and completed the job quickly and cleaned up afterwards.

Yelp | July 2, 2015

By Karen H.

We decided to just go and take a look at sofas to see what there was and ended up purchasing one. We just had it delivered and we LOVE it! Just what we wanted. However, the best part of the entire experience was working with Marc Rosenthal. He was the best "sales" person we have ever worked with. He created absolutely no pressure for us to buy. He was there to help answer our questions and help us in every way that we needed to make the right decision for our family. If you are looking to find quality furniture without pressure to buy head over to Belfort and ask for Marc - he will give you the best experience.

Yelp | July 1, 2015

By Brian R.

Arlington, VA

it is very rare that you get bad service from belfort furniture. i have bought furniture from them 3 times already and everything was delivered as expected. they have nice quality furniture, great looking and also reasonably priced.

I went to belfort basics which means that is their lowest priced furniture. the set up of the showroom is not as great but if you know what you are doing and know where and which colors you will combine for furniture. it will look great, it is well built and durable. i had leather sofa 10 years of use on a daily basis and it is still there. we moved it to the basement because it was time to redecor our living.

delivery is always as promised and they only give you a 3 hr timeframe not like others that give you about 5-6 hours timeframe and always come at the last minute.

ragu o runa the salesperson, a middle eastern sales person was not pushy, however i noticed that he followed us all the way from first to second floor and from one ouch to another and to another and he kept going on but never pushed the sale. we were ready to buy so it was nice to let the clients choose and if we had questions he was very close to us.

so we ordered and everything came great, the only bad thing is that he said we would call us to see if we can get delivery sooner because some items were missing. he didn't so i had to call to get delivery for the items that were in stock. it is not a dealbreaker and do not consider as bad as other may think.

overall great furniture, i by from ikea a lot of furniture, but for stuff like dining tables, living room furniture belfort is much better. ikea is great but their material is for light use or for people like me that take great care of their furniture by taking time to do things and avoid hitting it accidentally. i treat furniture well so it lasts for long time.

thanks again belfort for giving me a great piece of furniture.

Yelp | June 30, 2015

By Brian R.

Arlington, VA

We went looking for a sofa and were helped by Cris Palomo. The experience was terrific and we felt like we were working with more of an interior designer than just a sales person - he recommended colors and options and never did we feel pressured to buy more or felt like we were being up sold for features or pieces we didn't need. The delivery was also on time and crew was very friendly. Good experience overall.

Yelp | June 30, 2015

By Darren

Herndon, VA

It was a good shopping experience with Neal Shepard. He was pleasant and courtesy. I didn't feel pressured at all and Neal was very insightful with different choices of fabrics and styles. Thank you for the nice Belfort experience.

Yelp | June 30, 2015

By Sam F.

Ashburn, VA

Neal Shepherd is the man. I've furnished my entire house through Belfort with the assistance of Neal. His communication skills and follow-up goes a long way during the buying process. Customer service, great prices, and vast selection makes this place my go to when I need more furniture.

Yelp | June 30, 2015


Woodbridge, VA

Great experience. Made two separate large purchases, and no complaints. Neal Shepherd was helpful, answering all my questions, while giving space to make a decision without feeling pressured. I would highly recommend Belfort Furniture and Neal Shepherd.

Yelp | June 30, 2015

By Terrence R.

Reston, VA

We recently bought furniture for a home office and Thuy helped us a lot. She was very patient as we moved furniture around the showroom to see how it would look together. I like that she wasn't TOO "all over us", and gave my wife and I a chance to discuss together. Getting delivery set up was a little confusing - I thought they would call me, but turns out it hadn't been set up? No matter, I got the the furniture that was in stock quickly. Overall, Belfort is a nice place to buy better furniture. It can be a little overwhelming, since they have a lot of nice things to consider!

Yelp | June 30, 2015

By Sheri V.

Clifton, VA

Our complete experience at Belfort was awesome! Nanci Celentano was our sales consultant. She was absolutely perfect from start to finish. Delivery took place on an extremely rainy day but the guys were great! The conditions were bad but the delivery couldn't have been better. We love the furniture. We purchased a bedroom set made by made by "Daniels Amish" as well as mattress set. We couldn't be happier with our purchase and the process!

Yelp | June 29, 2015

By Simo R.

We acquired well designed, high quality peaces for great prices. We were also fortunate enough to be assisted by Neal Shepherd. He was very helpful, patient and professional. In Brief, the overall experience was a great and positive one.

Yelp | June 29, 2015

By Chris B.

Odenton, MD

We recently bought a set of 8 dining room chairs for our dining room. Nanci Celentano was extremely helpful when we went to visit Belfort in May. She showed us various dining room sets and chairs and found us the perfect set. She explained everything and answered all our questions. Our furniture didn't arrive right away, but Nanci went out of her way to give us constant updates by phone and email as to when the chairs would arrive. We recommend Belfort. Ask for Nanci C.

Yelp | June 29, 2015

By Jeff T.

Philadelphia, PA

Stopped in on a Sunday two hours before they closed and was taken care of by Rock. No pressure approach that worked for my gf and I. We found what we were looking for and Rock helped us finalize the deal. Overall, a really great experience - I'd highly recommend checking Belfort out for a great selection and great prices. Also, talk to Rock, and he'll take care of you with no sales-y pressure.

Yelp | June 29, 2015

By Paul B.

Reston, VA

Our sales rep Skyler was fantastic. Our delivery was on time, and setup was perfect. The store has tons of options as well. Our second time purchasing there. I would recommend them to anyone.

Yelp | June 29, 2015

By Jaime M

Bethesda, MD

This place is great. Tons of good looking furniture at reasonable prices. We liked being able to look in their outlet warehouse also. At the end of day, we bought our kitchen dining table and chairs from them. Cris Palomo, one of their product specialists, was extremely helpful. He showed us tons of options and was very helpful as a design consultant. I would highly recommend you try and get his input if you are planing a visit to Belfort.

My wife and i just bought a house and need to buy a lot of furniture. Wish we could do it all quickly but it looks like we will have to take our time to furnish our house. If we are able to keep buying new furniture (as opposed to estate sales, craigslist, etc.), we will certainly be going back to Belfort.

Also, as a hint, make sure you ask if the manufacturers have an additional discount or something like that; sometimes they do.

Yelp | June 28, 2015

By Nancy O.

Ashburn, VA

My husband and I had been searching for comfortable leather chairs that don't rock or recline and just couldn't find them. After looking in many of the other local furniture stores, we went into Belfort Furniture and found exactly what we were looking for. We initially thought we would have to wait several weeks to get them but were informed by our salesman, John, that they had just received 2 of them! We purchased them on a Friday and they were delivered in perfect condition the following Tuesday. The 2 delivery men were extremely professional and courteous! The next time we need furniture, Belfort will be the first place we go!

Yelp | June 28, 2015

By Toni R.

McLean, VA

I decided to write a Yelp review for the first time because of the extraordinary service I received from Patrick Geffre, a sales consultant at Belfort Furniture. Patrick assisted me with purchasing key pieces of furniture for my second home, from livingroom to dining room he knew exactly what to suggest for the look I wanted. I have purchased from Belfort before and everytime I return I call ahead to make sure Patrick is working that day. I value his expertise, design sense and professionalism and he is the reason I keep coming back to Belfort Furniture. I would recommend Belfort Furniture but more importantly I would urge you to ask for Patrick to get superior service. Great job, Patrick!

Yelp | June 28, 2015

By Linda S

Rockville, MD

Cris Palomo was very knowledgeable. He knew the merchandise and gave us an education on what we were buying. He worked very hard to get our furniture on the delivery date for which we asked. It was a pleasure and an education working with Chris. I will recommend him to my friends

Yelp | June 27, 2015

By Rahul S.

Chantilly, VA

This place is wonderful! Rock Gulati was a very nice person and he gave us the best prices! He gave really good service and helped us out pick the right furniture. This store has the best prices and I'm glad to buy a lot of my furniture and other stuff from here!!!

Google| June 27, 2015

By Tip Slater

Tracey Holland Warranty and Technician Coordinator assisted us with a warranty claim. In all my years dealing with retail companies this was by far the best experience my wife and I received. Courteous, understanding and above all the ability to make decisions on behalf of her company. She handled our issue rapidly and to our complete satisfaction. She also described Belfort in glowing terms as a company dedicated to quality products and service. Tracey exemplified a dedicated employee highlighting her company by putting the customer first. Truly a wonderful experience.

Yelp| June 26, 2015


Dunn Loring, VA

Had a wonderful buying experience at Belfort. Marc Rosenthal gives top notch service. No pressure like other stores. I described what I was looking for in a bedroom set. He listened to what I wanted and showed me options that weren't even on the showroom floor. Even after the sale while awaiting delivery I went back to talk to him and their wonderful decorator about paint color and bedding choices I was considering. Also purchased 2 sets of mattresses from Belfort. I erroneously bought a set for our master bedroom that was too firm. Marc couldn't have been nicer in exchanging the mattress for a m

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Google | December 26, 2013

By Hani Takla

Thank you Mr. Ash Morsi! My wife and I have had another great experience with our recent furniture purchase with Belfort. Our Sales and Design Consultant, Mr. Ash Morsi, is one of the best we ever met. We can’t say enough about the outstanding customer support and consultation services he provided. He is very professional, extremely knowledgeable about the furniture products and services, and is a great pleasure to work with. He assisted us with selecting and purchasing formal dining room and living room sets. He exceeded our expectations with his deep and useful knowledge about different brands, quality, workmanship and the best value purchase. Ash was perfect! He remodeled our initial design; he measured, took pictures, priced and listened a lot! We spent several hours, if not the whole day, together changing some things here and there, selecting models, fabrics, colors and even pillows shape and colors. He was extremely patient and never once made us feel rushed or pushed into an idea we didn’t like. He didn’t have a sip of water during the long hours (until the sunset) we spent in the store. He has a great taste and he always responded to our questions. We highly valued his opinion and advise. We ended up with a wonderful new look and feel to our home. Kudos Ash! We look forward to working with you in our next furniture purchase. What Scott M. wrote on his review of Nov. 17, 2013, and others, let us confirm and believe that you are the best Sales and Designer Consultant ever! It’s amazing that this reviewer described in detail the exact same experience we had with Ash! Ask for Ash by name when you visit Belfort Furniture store in Sterling. He will make your day and will help you pick your dream furniture!

Google | December 24, 2013

By Brian Wilcox

Five Star Review!! {No Comment}

Google | December 22, 2013

By Elizabeth Owens

I found Belfort Furniture online, shopped around on the site, then went to visit the showrooms. I was very impressed with the displays. It's nice to see the items in person, instead of having to look at pictures. My sales associate, Khaled, was awesome. He didn't bother me, simply stayed back as I perused all the items. When he could tell I was ready to ask questions, he quietly came up and asked what I was looking for specifically. I bought a new dining set and media center that day. Other staff members were also friendly and nice, low-key, no pressure, which made it an enjoyable visit. I love the furniture - the pieces are solid, beautiful, and will be family treasures down the generations. The delivery men were also friendly, efficient, and helpful. I am looking forward to going back to find more pieces for my place. I also found out that they donate trees for every delivery they make. How great that they are thinking of the future!

Google | December 21, 2013

By Jean Kleitz

Since we built our home in 2012 we have been purchasing furniture from Belfort. We like the design shows they periodically offer and we were the lucky winners of the dream makeover. Ash Morsi was our designer and he was exceptional at both meeting our budget, listening to what we were looking for, and putting together a living room that exceeded our expectations! The customer service I have received from Belfort has always been outstanding and I look forward to purchasing more furniture from them.

Google | December 20, 2013

By Beth Holst

Marc Rosenthal worked with me on picking out the perfect new bedroom furniture, he exceeded my expectations with his deep and useful knowledge about different brands, quality, and workmanship. We ended up with a wonderful new look and feel to our home. Also a shout out to the wonderful delivery service, Edwin, Dany, and Oscar from truck number six, arrived on a snowy day, set out drop cloths, took off their shoes as to not damage our floor or carpet. Again, this was all above and beyond our expectations. Thank you Belfort Furniture and your wonderful staff of professionals!

Google | December 13, 2013

By Regina G.

I’m a repeat customer and once again I’ve had a great experience with my recent furniture purchase with Belfort. They have a huge selection. My Sales Consultant, Ginger Zimmerman, is professional, is extremely knowledgeable about the furniture products and services, and is a great pleasure to work with. She recently assisted me with selecting and purchasing a sofa and recliner for my townhouse living area. Ginger kept me updated on my estimated delivery date, which I greatly appreciated, as it was arriving earlier than the estimated 8 week timeframe. The delivery team arrived on time and was very careful in bringing my purchase into my home and placing it in the living room. I look forward to working with Ginger for my next furniture purchase. Ask for her by name when you visit Belfort Furniture.

Yahoo | December 18, 2013

By Garden Girl

All our children had moved out so we decided to sell/donate our dining, family, and living room furniture to start our new chapter. I was heading to another furniture store when at a stop light I saw a Belfort truck with ad of wide selection. So, I changed my plan and followed it. Wow! They had a huge selection and were extremely helpful. I chose the decorator program and had the most pleasant decorator show up at our home after I made an appointment. Toni was perfect. She measured, took pictures, and listened a lot! A week later she had detailed plans and samples for us to meet with her again, this time at showroom. The stuff she picked were amazing. They were very much in the direction I wanted to go. We spent several hours together changing something s here and there till it was exactly ME! She was extremely patient and never once made us feel rushed or pushed into an idea we didn t like. I HIGHLY recommend Belfort Furniture. I especially recommend Toni Salazar. Great taste and always responded to my questions and emails. Furniture is great quality and sturdy. Delivery people were helpful and very careful to not cause any damage to our walls, floors, or furniture.

If this site had ten stars I d give them ten. Very happy!

Yelp | December 11, 2013

By Jamie M.

Broad Run, VA

It's not often these days that you actually get true "Customer Service and Customer Focus" when purchasing anything, let alone expensive furniture... However, the folks in Customer Care at Belfort, blew us away, by the level of Customer Service/Focus they provided to us, for the issues we had with some of the leather sectional pieces we purchased. They stepped up when the manufacturer would not and made everything right, even several months past when they should or needed to. These are the kind of simple things that Companies can do to WIN more business from Consumers! Simply Outstanding work and thanks for making what is normally hours' worth of calls (yelling and screaming) very easy!

Tracy, Andi and David (OPS Director) you guys are true examples of Customer Focused Professionals! KUDOS!

Google | December 8, 2013

By Ann Bowers-Evangelista

Great experiences with our folks at Belfort. Sue Green in Design Services is delightful, a bit scattered, and amazing. We loved working with her and having her help us pick out wonderful window treatments for our home. And she was honest about what wouldn't work, which I really appreciated. Nita in Furniture was a dear. She helped us through a sectional selection, our trauma when we were told it wouldn't fit, and finding one that would fit into the basement of our 100-year-old District row house. While we had a few bumps along the way, she went out of her way to help us get exactly what we needed. The delivery and installation guys were top-notch. Professional, friendly, delightful in every way. I would recommend Belfort to anyone looking for quality furniture at good prices and excellent sales and service experience.

Yelp | December 7, 2013

By Alex G.

Arlington, VA

After moving into a new apt with my fianc?, we decided to leave behind all of our furniture except the dining room table. Re-decorating/starting from stretch for several rooms at once was a daunting task, but Belfort was so helpful! We didn't have a lot of time before moving, so we needed to get our orders in quickly. During two visits, the staff constantly checked in, assisted with fabrics, and recommended quality pieces - they knew their stuff! In between the visits, we got additional advice on picking out a rug that would bring the room together - everything looks great!

We expected our furniture 4-8 weeks later and each piece was right on time. They call you to let you know your 3-hour window and they were always on time with a smile on their face. I remember when my fianc? came home from work, I told him, "I don't think I've ever met such incredibly nice delivery men."

I have to mention that we were on a tight budget, but they have such a large selection - from very high end to their Basics and Clearance Center. We bought most of our items from Basics and have received so many compliments on everything! Our friends have made several trips out there and I can't see us buying furniture from anywhere else.

Thank you Belfort and your incredible team!

Google | December 5, 2013

By Ahkeeia Payne

What an excellent company with outstanding customer service and high quality items. #CustomerForLife

Google | December 4, 2013

By Abir Shahin

Meaza Belayneh-Sales consultant helped me with a purchase at Belfort furniture and I was very satisfied with he rpatience with me in picking my furniture. She was also very helpful after the purchase by reviewing my purchase and making adjustments the day after. I highly recommend her service. thank you Meaza!

Google | November 30, 2013

Purchased A LOT of new furniture from Belfort. Overall satisfied with the experience. Delivery folks did damage my home but eventually it was sorted out and repairs were made (thanks to help from our sales person, Ginger Zimmerman). Ginger Zimmerman is by far the best sales person Belfort has. We would browse their showroom occasionally and wanted to work with someone in sales so that we could execute our total order when we were ready (we were building a new home and needed the furniture to be delivered post close). Once a sales person heard we werent ready to buy on that exact date they would take off, and refuse to help us. It was really discouraging. Then we found Ginger. She helped us through, maintained wonderful contact, and was great on our purchase date. Highly recommend her!

Yelp | November 25, 2013

By Carole P.

Manassas, VA

Walked thru the front door with a definite budget and a loose idea of what I wanted. Marc Rosenthal narrowed down my options, answered my questions, and gave educated advice on my purchase. I completed my purchase of a couch and love seat including fabrics, finishes, throw pillows, etc, etc--in roughly 45 minutes. It was one of the most painless purchases I've ever completed.

I received the furniture ahead of schedule, and the delivery folks were polite and willing to bring the furniture in through the garage (around the back of the house down thru the garage). It arrived in perfect condition and looks better than I hoped! Very, very pleased. This was my second purchase from Belfort in about ten years and when I look to buy new furniture again, I'll definitely head here first.

Google | November 25, 2013

By Elizabeth O. Palmieri

When I walked into one of the showrooms, a sales associate saw me, but didn't instantly jump in front of me. I liked that a lot. I wanted time to browse by myself, which he could tell by the way I looked at him as I passed by. As I got to the tables, he then approached and asked if I was interested in anything specific. At that point, I was ready for help. I had a great time looking around, and he was very patient about talking and asking questions regarding what I needed. I cannot stand pushy sales associate, but he was just right! I found a table set, which was in another showroom. Like waitresses, the associates each have their own area. I was extremely pleased at how the associates worked together to allow me to cross over. I had seen the set on the web, so knew exactly what I wanted when I got there. It was delivered within a week. The delivery people were here when they said they'd be. They put the table together for me, showed me how to use the leaves, etc., and asked if I had further questions. Overall, it was a great visit from going through the doors to getting my furniture delivered. As soon as I pay off the table and media center, I will be returning to get a couch :)

Google | November 19, 2013

By Angie Goff

Cannot say enough about the perfect bed we found at Belfort. Andy Dunn gave us so many options and didn't try to push anything or any brand. My 2 year old daughter was with us... and they had a fun play area where she was entertained. Going mattress shopping wasn't at the top of my list of fun things to do-- but it turned out being painless and so easy!

Google | November 19, 2013

By David S.

We ordered mattresses, box springs, family room furniture and a desk from Belfort. We worked with Nita on two separate visits to complete our purchase. Nita was very knowledgeable about their products, was exceptionally personable and very responsive. Today, the mattresses and box springs were delivered by Hector and Joga who are very professional, courteous and pleasant guys. We have been very pleased with our buying experience with Belfort and intend to return for our future furniture needs.

Google | November 19, 2013

By Sean O.

We worked with Andy and had a great experience.

Yelp | November 17, 2013

By Scott M.

Leesburg, VA

Leesburg, VA Bottom Line: After having purchased furniture from Belfort four times, we've come to the conclusion that if you live in the Northern Virginia area, Belfort is the place to buy furniture. If you plan on buying several pieces of furniture, strongly consider getting their design service and of most importance, request Ash Morsi.


Our first experience with Belfort - easy and affordable:

Over 7 years ago my wife and I bought out first furniture set together. As furniture shopping goes, the experience was a bit exhausting. We drove all around the Northern Virginia area visiting any furniture store we could find. We sat on countless pieces of furniture and just could not the find the pieces we agreed on. Then we found Belfort Furniture. One of the great benefits of Belfort is their enormous selection. As a newly married couple we were on a tight budget and could not afford very expensive furniture, so we were relieved when we learned Belfort had a "Basics" store that was in our price range. The selection was enormous and the furniture was great quality. We left having purchased our first living room set. The whole experience was flawless.

Our second experience with Belfort - Enter Ash Morsi

Having been married for a few years we decided it was time to build out our basement. Part of that meant finding a bar. My wife and I both agreed on the style of the bar but, once again, we went from store to store looking at various bars. For some reason, Belfort was our last stop, and we were convinced we might need to get something custom built. As my wife and I walked around looking for the right bar at Belfort, one of their designers, Ash Morsi, approached us and asked if he could help out. Ash was incredible. His passion for design and his knowledge of the inventory was just amazing. Ash was able to quickly identify the bar we wanted. My wife and had a concern, however. We were not sure the bar would fit correctly downstairs. No problem, Ash responded, he could stop by our house and do some measurements to ensure everything fit. So one day, after he worked a full day, he stopped by our house, took the measurements and gave us the added confidence the bar would fit. He was right. It was perfect. I should also mention the team that delivered the bar took great care to ensure they did not hit any walls or damage the furniture. They also took care to ensure it was placed exactly where we wanted it.

Our third experience with Belfort - Let's call Ash!

Not long after the bar was in, my wife and I decided we needed to upgrade the furniture in the formal living room. So this time, instead of bothering with other furniture stores, we went directly to Ash. Since he had already seen the house he knew exactly what would look good and what would fit in our formal living room. What I found amazing was that my wife and I wanted to purchase two ottomans but Ash noted that we should hold off and wait to see if everything fits, Ash was concerned two ottomans might make the room feel cluttered. He noted that we can purchase them later if we decide they would fit. Ash was 100% right. The ottomans would not have fit. The formal living room looks fantastic. Ash had an opportunity to sell us more stuff but instead, he took the honest approach and told us to hold off. We're glad he did!

Our fourth experience with Belfort - We will do business with no other furniture store or designer Now having had our "Basics" set for over 7 years we wanted to upgrade but we also wanted to get furniture in the house that would allow us to entertain a bit more. So instead of shopping around we opted for one of the Designer packages that Belfort offers. My wife and I went with the "Deluxe" package and requested Ash Morsi again. Ash arrived at our house, and although we had not seen Ash in years, his arrival to our house felt like having a visit from a long lost friend. He was so excited to see us and just as excited to help us create an environment conducive to hosting. Ash has a refined talent for understanding tastes and once again, he hit the bulls-eye. From his furniture recommendations, to paint colors and even small recommendations (such as adding dimmers, lowering fireplace mantel, etc.), he knew exactly what we wanted. And in typical Ash fashion, he once again went above and beyond. Ash, on his day off, arrived with the delivery team and ensured the furniture was placed EXACTLY where we wanted it. I thought I was excited about the furniture but Ash had me beat! It is incredibility obvious he loves what he does. It was this last experience with Ash that really sealed the deal with us. We will now always go to Belfort and when we do, we will always request Ash.

Yelp | November 9, 2013

By Kisha B.

Upper Marlboro, MD

My exchange was fairly easy. I knew what I wanted and bought it. I have to wait 4 weeks. We shall see if I get annoyed w/ a delay.


I received my sectional in a little less than three weeks. The delivery people were great and did not damage my new door or walls. I love my sectional. Now I need to finish redecorating.

Yelp | October 26, 2013

By Joan L.

Woodbridge, VA

I am new to the area. I went to Belfort to buy some new furniture for my home. My salesperson was Ginger Zimmerman. She knew exactly what I needed, which helped her guide my decision. All of the furniture ended up being under budget and was enough to fill 3 rooms in my house. It was all delivered in about 10 weeks of ordering. The delivery men, Cris and Rafael were very efficient and polite. The furniture looks absolutely beautiful in my house. It is such a comfort to walk into a room full of cozy furniture. I still have 2 more rooms to fill, and will be going back to Belfort for Ginger's assistance. Thank you.

Angie's List | Overall Score A | October 22, 2013

By Christine Shurts

22032, VA

Work Completed Date: October 22, 2013

Hire Again: Yes

Approximate Cost: $1200.00

Home Build Year:1984

Description Of Work:We purchased a sofa and loveseat and had these items delivered.

Member Comments: We purchased a sofa and loveseat online and chose to have these items delivered to us. We were able to schedule delivery within a couple days of purchase. We were reminded of our appointment the day before and had a 3 hour window for delivery. The delivery people came right at the beginning of the delivery window and moved everything in with care. The sofa and loveseat are great quality and we are pleased with our Belfort experience overall.Thanks, Christine

Google | October 15, 2013

By Pam J.

Herndon, VA

Marc Rosenthal was great to work with. He helped us select just the right sofa for our family room and was instrumental in working with us to get all the details including fabric, arm style, and pillows perfect.

The sofa was delivered ahead of sc