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Design Options by Craftmaster

Create a casual or modern look that's exactly what you've been looking for with the Design Options program's custom choices. Now available in Leather, too!

Pick Your Frame

Choose the right frame to fit your space. Consider how many seats you want and what size room you're working with. Select from Sofas, Chairs, Chaise, Loveseats, Ottomans, or create your own Sectional Configuration with plenty of options.

Choose Your Arm

Select from 4 arm styles: Panel Arm, Sock Arm, Track Arm, or Crescent Arm

Choose Your Back

Select from 4 back styles: Semi-attached Knife Edge, Loose Knife Edge, Semi-attached Boxed Back, or Loose Boxed Back

Choose Your Welt

Choose from 3 welt styles: Welt/Piping, French Seam/Single Needle, or Saddle Stitch/Double Needle

Choose Your Fabrics

Complete your design by choosing from hundreds of fabrics or leather options for your body cloth and pillows. Over 1000 fabrics to choose from.

Custom Upholstery

Build your own sofa, loveseat, chair, ottoman or sectional exactly as you want it. Design Options styles feature 2.0 seat cushions with a 100% cotton ticking cover and can be customized in any fabric- over 1000 to choose from!

- Made in North Carolina

- Sinuous Spring Construction

- Hardwood Laminates Frame

- Varies from 1.8 to 2.0 density Foam Cushions

- Fiber Filled Pillows

- Lifetime Warranty for the Frame

- 5 Year Warranty for the Springs and Cushions

- 9 Standard Finishes Available on Most Styles

- Sunbrella and Revolution Performance Fabrics Available

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